I love to explore our planet as backpacker or with a car on a roadtrip. The first holidays and trips through Europe I used only a simple digicam, but in the beginning of 2015 I bought a Sony A6000, felt in love with this camera and also with the photography :-) I try to get better every day, in everything. Especially as human! I visited many different countries as backpacker (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Morocco, Dubai, India, Nepal..) and by a car on a roadtrip (Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United States, Iceland..) and I have learned so many things, but one of the most importantly things that I have learned is to respect our earth! 

I´d like to invite you to follow my journey around this planet and say goodbye with the famous words..


"Leave nothing but footprints - take nothing but pictures".


What does it mean for me ?! 



I have learned to appreciate

the LIFE with each trip more here in Germany and the Rhoen. We have so many beautiful cities, villages and landscapes and this is what I want to show you with my pictures..




 ..but I have to TRAVEL . Because traveling has been such an important part of my life for some years now and now I feel at home on the streets of this world..




.. and when I´m once again on the road then I´d like to EXPLORE the country where I currently are. What can be better than explore the landscape on a wonderful hike ?! :-)