I'm born in 1990 and live in Fulda/Germany at the foot of the middle-mountain range Rhön. My biggest passion is traveling, and I like to combine my trips with the search for breathtaking landscapes. My favorite way to explore the world is on long-distance train trips and road trips. For me, this is the best way to get a deep and authentic insight into the respective country and its culture. This way I was able to experience trips like an Interrail train ride from Germany to Turkey, a road trip of several months through Central and Northern Europe, a longtime trainride from Bangkok to Singapore and a few more journeys.


If there's one thing I've learned from all these travels/adventures: I value my own comfort zone very much, but I LOVE even more to leave this comfort zone to experience new adventures!  



My photographic way can be summarized as follows:


Early 2015 - As I discovered traveling more and more for myself, the desire to capture the breathtaking landscapes and places that I was allowed to travel, began in me at some point. I bought my first digi-cam at the beginning of 2015, and I would put the beginning of my more ambitious involvement with (landscape) photography at the end of 2015.


Mid 2017 - Already 2 years later, shortly after the end of my world trip, I had the great privilege to start at a young company as a full-time photographer for the creation of advertising photos in the field of sneaker& streetwear. Which gave me great experience in areas of Commercial Photography. From outdoor shoots with hard goods or models to photo studio photography, I was able to acquire a wide portfolio. Also I made here first steps in the field: moving content inform of loops, gif and short clips. 


End of 2019 - I got the first orders for various companies. The focus here was then also the drone photography. For example, to photograph photovoltaic installations from the air or to create professional images of a certain scenic area for a tourism authority.